Startups take guts.

Literally. Here is a tool to help you figure out your startup’s guts.

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Congrats, you decided to launch a startup!
Now what?

Figure out the guts of your startup to avoid making common startup mistakes (we know, we’ve been there, done that). Startup Guts asks you a series of pointed questions taken from years of startup coaching experience. Each card has an easy to understand question, whose answer will actually make a difference for your startup.

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Develop your business model

Each card has a question that asks you about a critical piece of your business model.

Refine your pitch

Storyboard the outline of your pitch with the cards and prepare to answer tough questions.

Prioritize your work

Use the cards to get organized by determining what is most important to your startup.

Startup Guts Cards
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Develop your
business model

You may have an idea, but do you have a viable business model? You have to ask deep questions about the critical components of your startup. Filling out a blank canvas isn’t enough. Startups Guts helps you work through the hard questions with your team, mentor, or startup coach to lay a rock-solid startup foundation.

Help me with my business model

Refine your

If you can’t explain your startup clearly, no one will care. It’s all about context, content, and reeling them in. With Startup Guts you will set the context of the pitch with the pink cards, use the orange cards to outline your business model, and dig deeper with the blue cards. Trust us, we have helped hundreds of founders deliver impactful pitches.

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Prioritize your

Too many founders focus on the wrong thing at the wrong time. Startup Guts can help you determine what is important for your startup and what’s not. Simply draw a horizontal and vertical line on a piece of paper or whiteboard. Place the cards along the horizontal axis to determine how important it is to your startup, and move the cards up or down the vertical axis depending on the clarity of your answer.

Help me prioritize my work

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