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A deck of 50 cards that helps you understand your business model, develop your pitch, and win support for your work.

  • 5 pink cards set the context of your pitch.
  • 12 orange cards make up your core business model and pitch outline.
  • 33 blue cards add in the missing details of your business model or pitch.

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Use it for:
Business Modeling, Pitch Development, Preparing for Funding, Startup Coaching, Organized Pitch Events

Made for:
Leaders, facilitators, teachers, entrepreneurs, grant writers, program directors, and anyone who wants to best communicate the story of their work.

How to use:
Startup Guts are an open-ended tool you can use in many different situations and workshop settings. Here are 3 of our favorite ways to use the cards.

  • Develop your business model – Each of the 12 orange cards make up a critical part of your business model. Answer the questions prompts on the orange cards, and deep dive into each category by finding the matching icons on the blue cards. It is up to you to determine the importance of each card, but it is extremely important that you have an answer to each question to have a solid business model.
  • Refine your pitch – First, set the context of the pitch with the pink cards. Then, storyboard the outline of your pitch with the orange cards. Look through the blue cards to determine if there is additional information that you need to include in your pitch, and align the icons.
  • Prioritize your work – Draw a horizontal and vertical axis on your table or whiteboard. Label the vertical axis on the top as clear and bottom as unclear. Label the horizontal axis on the left as not important and the right as important. Look through each of the cards, regardless of its color, and place on the grid. Focus your work on what is important, and work to clarify anything that is unclear.

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